A little Christmas joy

The other night my boyfriend’s family and I went out to a local Christmas tree lighting. When we first got there it was morbid, the weather was still slight showers bringing a light but annoying rain. No one was there yet and it looked like Santa Claus himself crashed his sleigh and we stumbled across the after math. And to make it all worse my usually good-spirited boyfriend was miserable because of a pain in his neck that refused to go away. In all honesty it look like we were attending the grinch’s Christmas party rather than Cindy Lou’s.

no matter the circumstances Mrs. Mindy, my boyfriend’s mother, wouldn’t let her spirt die with everyone else’s. she was having the time of her life, swaying to the soft Christmas music in the background, loving on all her family members giving kisses all around, and cracking out jokes like there was no tomorrow. Eventually I gave in and let loose a little giggle at one of her better jokes, and before I knew it the whole depressing ceremony changed before me. The annoying sprinkle ceased, the place was packed with families all taking this time to bond together, little kids running around and screaming with laughter with there siblings, and then the best thing of all happened the live music began to play.

After hearing a song that almost everyone know and loves, then I saw her face from as I remember the shrek movie, my boyfriend perked up as well with the rest of the group. It wasn’t long before we were laughing and singing along, like a couple drunk on the festivities around them. We made our whole group laugh with our teenage love shenanigans and a little help from his six year old cousin, Brandon. Tyler, other known as my boyfriend, would pick me up and run away while little Brandon would chase after, creating a fun little game both to play and watch. Then there was the actual lighting of the tree.

The mc of the night came on the mic and started the count down, I grabbed Tyler’s hand and yelled along with everyone else. 5….4….3….2….1….! With a flip of a switch the square was engulfed with beautiful lights of all color. People “oooed”and “ahhed”, took pictures and gazed at the lite up decoration covered in huge bulbs that sparkled in the light. As I was enjoying, what I considered, a movie moment with Tyler, Mindy decides she wants a picture and promptly shoves us to the side which brought up another bought of laughter.

We stayed for a little while longer, enjoying the movement around us, watching the festivities and making small talk among ourselves, and eventually it was time to go. All of us trekked back up to the parking lot and said our goodbyes, the two separate cars heading in different directions. I went back home with Mindy, Tyler, and his dad Brian, to spend the rest of the evening sitting at home playing video games and watching movies. Over all it was a great night, despite the ugly beginning. I guess sometimes you have to take what’s coming to you and have a positive attitude, then even the dreariest situations can become a wonderful experience.


Trying something new

English has always been my favorite subject in school, I love to read and write, to learn new words, new styles of text; I love it all. My favorite way to spend my time is to come up with strange, crazy, totally out there stories straight from my imagination. So when I heard the my brother, another writer, was starting a blog I couldn’t let him have all the fun, I went to the same site he uses and started my own.

This is my very first post on my blog and I have to say that I am very excited, I’m also going back and rereading everything I type to make sure it contains no errors. The last thing I want to do is have some silly grammatical mistake that I could have fixed. Hopefully as I navigate my way around this site and learn how to use it, I can friend my brother so I can read his blogs as well.

My brother is my main inspiration for writing, although I’m not all to well at it, I still hold a passion for writing that is fueled by his praise and encouragement. I wrote my first story maybe two or three years ago and if it wasn’t for my brother I most likely would have not finished it. He’s always encouraging me to write, just recently he suggested that we write a book together, chapter by chapter, I wrote the first chapter and finished it yesterday. I have to mail it to him yet but that is, as I embarrassedly admit, because I do not know how to send a letter. Most of the time I just use email but this is hand written and my Internet dose not work anyway so I have to send it using the postal service. I need to have my dad help me send it out and make sure it goes to the correct destination. I cannot wait until I receive his reply with chapter two, I already know it’s going to be amazing.